Big Think / Graduation

The Big Think



 So, we come to  the conclusion of this learning experience, although you can stay in this community as long as you wish.  Let’s reflect back a bit. Did you answer your questions? How could this quick tour become better? Any reflection on learning might include these main questions:
  • What do I know now?
  • What have we learned together?
  • How did I use this participatory learning experience?
  • How did the group of learners use this QuickMOOC?
  • So what?
  • What’s next?
  • How could this QuickMOOC experience be improved?

Your answers might be personal or  could be entered directly in the Comments section below.

How to earn a certificate of participation:

  • Write a one-page reflection of what you learned
  • Include the number of hours you spent working on the QuickMOOC.
  • What plans do you have  with your new understanding?
  • How could this experience been improved?

Send your reflection  to David V. Loertscher at and he will create a certificate for you.

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